11 super helpful questions to help write wedding vows

wedding vows

Would you like to write your own vows?

After booking a personal ceremony with us, it probably came as a surprise (or shock) when we
suggested to you and your partner that you should write your own vows. The wedding vows are like the heart of your ceremony. We know, that the idea of writing them can be very unnerving, but using your own words could give your ceremony that personal and intimate touch that will make it a moment to remember.

Why should you write your own vows?

Vows are not just important as the possible pinnacle of your wedding ceremony, but the process of
writing them gives you the chance to reflect on your partner, yourself and your relationship and the
dynamics that bind you together. While going through this process, you’ll discover a deeper meaning
behind the words “I do”. You will also get a better understanding of what marriage means to you
and the possible expectations from both sides.
For those who dare take on this challenge, in this blog we’ve provided you a few tips about knowing what style you want to
follow and how to cope with stage fright. Today we present to you some questions the ideal wedding vows should answer and some tips and tricks to help you in the process of writing your wedding vows.

11 questions the ideal wedding vows should answer

Here are some questions you can explore while writing your vows.

 What do you really promise each other?
 When and how did you know this person is “The One”?
 What emotions do you experience when your future life partner walks into the room?
 Which (life)goals are you both working towards?
 What makes you as a couple great? What are your strengths?
 Why would you like to grow old with this person and why would you like to make her or him

 Are there singular events from your time together that helped shape your relationship?
With funny or memorable anecdotes?
(To save your future marriage, only share events that won’t embarrass your husband- or
wife-to-be on their wedding day!)

And if you would like to keep it a bit more “solemn & serious

 What was a ‘good day’ for your relationship and what was a ‘bad day’?

 How did these experiences influence your affection and commitment to one another?
 Have you already experienced sickness and health in your time together? What effect did it
have on both of you?
 How do you know that your partner loves and values you?

Ready, set and write!

Still not sure where and how to start? No worries! Mint & Memories are here to help you compose
the best wedding vows
that will enchant your betrothed into saying, “I do!”.
Following are a few tips and tricks to help you in the process of writing your wedding vows.

  1. Inspiration hits at the most unexpected times. Buy a cheap small notebook that you can keep
    with you at all times (yes, even in bed!). This could be a nice keepsake for later. Another
    option is using the notebook app on your smartphone, that way you are always ready for
    when creativity hits.
  2. Take a trip down memory lane. Are you still struggling to find inspiration? Reminisce on
    holidays you took together, noteworthy past events and have a look through your photos.
    What made these events special and memorable? How did your partner make you feel?

First draft

  1. Start your first draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect yet, but it should give you a general idea
    of which direction you are going. If you need some help, use the questions above to guide
    you. If you do choose to follow a structure in your text, this will be the moment to categorise
    your thoughts and ideas accordingly.
  2. Be concise. Wedding vows should be about the essence of your relationship and what is
    important to take with you into your marriage and, ideally, shouldn’t be longer than an A4
    page. As mentioned before, when saying your vows out loud, it shouldn’t exceed more than
    three minutes or you should respect the timing you both agreed upon.
  3. Make promises, but keep them real.

If writing is not your cup of tea

  1. Alternatives. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, you may use a beautiful poem, a
    romantic song or a story that defines the love you have for your partner. It can be equally as
    expressive as original wedding vows.
  2. Don’t doubt yourself. Avoid editing your wedding vows after they have been finalised.
    Double-check them for big mistakes and make sure there is a logical progression to them.
    Then it’s time to practice!
  3. Practice!! You can practice out loud in front of a mirror or with a small group of friends. By
    doing so, you will hear mistakes and familiarise yourself with the words.
  4. Most importantly! Just be honest, sincere and speak from your heart.
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