Wedding ceremony in English and Dutch


Wedding ceremony in English and Dutch

A beautiful, memorable experience for the two of you

Are you planning on inviting international guests to your wedding ceremony? Do you come from a different ethnic, cultural or linguistic background? If yes, then a personalised English/Dutch ceremony could be right up your “aisle”!!

Mint & Memories choreographes fresh, modern wedding ceremonies which flow beautifully and are a real reflection of you as a couple.

Each ceremony is handcrafted to your specific requirements. Whether you are after a light hearted approach, something more serious, or fabulously fun, we can help!

We value a personal approach with all our ceremonies because every love story is different and should shine in its own light. In addition, we also coordinate weddings in English/Dutch.

Free introductory meeting

During this meeting, we would like to hear all about your wishes and expectations.

Thereafter, we’ll tell you how we work and what the fees are. But most importantly, we check for compatibility and if there is a click between us.

This meeting takes place via a video call and without any obligations. At the end of the meeting, or soon after, you can expect a customised quotation from us.

You are needed as well!

You’ll both receive an extensive questionnaire to complete which will guide us in writing your personalised ceremony.

If we are coordinating your wedding, we’ll make our large collection of practical guides available so you can plan your ideal wedding day and make your Event Action Plan.

Staying in touch

Once all the planning is in place, the crafting of your wedding ceremony will begin in earnest.
We also believe in timely and open communication with our clients and will endeavour to keep you in the loop with our progress at all times. This will include any feedback, concerns or clarification required to successfully complete your wedding ceremony. We also strongly encourage you to contact us if you feel overwhelmed or lost at any time.

The last meeting

A few weeks before the wedding day, we’ll come together over a cup of coffee or, if you prefer, via video call. Together, we’ll review the wedding ceremony, Event Action Plan and/or the entire wedding plan. We’ll discuss the final details, tie up any loose ends and provide advice where necessary.

On your wedding day, we’ll attend in person (alone or together with a colleague) to perform your personalised ceremony and/or to coordinate your wedding day.

During the event, we’ll also work closely with the venue or your wedding planner to make sure that everything goes according to plan so that your dream wedding may come true.

Please, get in touch!

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